Mom and Dad in doorway, Weare, NH

Momsicle and Popsicle

My parents lived on a dirt road in New Hampshire, so downed power lines snaking linguini-like across the road were as common as grass snakes in the pumpkin patch. …

Afarin Rahmanifar, “Women of Shahnameh,” 2021. Azarmidokht & Porandokht

Eastern Connecticut State University at Willimantic

Aug. 23-Oct 8, 2021

Curators: Julia Wintner & Afarin Rahmanifar

Simin Behbahani (Iran’s Lioness of Dissent)

Our tears are sweet, our laughter venomous.

We’re pleased when sad, and sad when pleased.

We wash one hand in blood, the other we wash the blood off.

George C. Harrison Property Map of 1896 (detail). Cornwall Historical Society

Maps are beautiful artifacts that exercise a sometimes sinister impact on land holding. According to an old map, my house in Cornwall Bridge stands in Waramaug’s Tract, a reminder that indigenous inhabitants long occupied this area of Western Connecticut before what are often termed the pioneering days of early colonial…

Mom with wide-mouth bass, age 45.

When mom was dying, she filled my thoughts; at her bedside, while I drove, as I lay in bed trying to doze off. I wrote this in June 2017.

I am mourning my mother. But she’s not dead yet. Holding her icy hands as R2D2 the oxygen machine whumps at…

David Diop’s At Night All Blood Is Black originally titled Frère d’âme, soul brother in French, is close kin to brothers in arms. Fiercely eloquent, the novel follows a Senegalese soldier serving in the French Army in the Great War trenches. …

Kathleen Hulser

Hommage to Poe

It grew despite a slew of adversities. Big toe, little toe, pinkie stubbornly pushing through an evil tangle of roots. Let me explain. Madly attacking a riverside jungle of bittersweet, I fought to clear a patch for a dogwood. Curling, tenacious, subterranean root networks defied…

Kathleen Hulser

Live life to the max, mind & body. History, culture, urbanism, activism, curating, walking the city. Savor the arts wherever you find them.

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